Welcome to our PATH study!

The purpose of our Priority Assessment in Trans Health or PATH study is to uplift trans voices in research. The survey and interviews were created by trans and nonbinary researchers, stakeholders, and community members. They explore various domains of health and lived experiences among transgender and nonbinary adults in Washington state. Eligible participants are over the age of 18, identify as trans or nonbinary, and live in Washington.

Study Progress

04/01 - Interview recruitment ended and working on analyzing interviews!
10/09 - Ongoing interview recruitment We are opening our interview recruitment to individuals who have not completed the survey, prioritizing individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian and Pacific Islander, and other communities of color; HIV positive and/or has experience using PrEP; trans women and trans men. If you live in Washington, identify as transgender and/or nonbinary, and are over the age of 18 please fill out this screener.
08/03 - Recruitment for interviews If you completed the survey and indicated that you are interested in an interview, you should have received an email from us asking you to complete a short demographics questionnaire and to schedule a time to complete the interview. Please let us know if you did not receive this email.
06/26 - Preliminary results are available! Please see the preliminary results in the image above. We will update this page as more results are available.
05/04 - All gift cards have been distributed Thank you, again, for your responses to our survey! If you live in Washington state and completed the survey, you should have received your gift card via email by this date.
04/20 - We have reached our survey target! Thank you for your responses to our survey! We have hit our target number of responses and will be closing the survey. We will send out compensation as soon as possible.
04/20 - Survey Back Online We are extending our data collection timeline and the survey is available online once again. Follow the link at the top of the page to continue to the screener.
04/15 - Survey Paused Thank you again for your interest in our survey! Recruitment is once again paused while we verify survey responses.
04/08 - Survey Back Online Our survey is now available again online. Follow the link at the top of the page to continue to the screener.
04/07 - Survey Paused Thank you for the overwhelming support we have received for this survey! Recruitment is currently paused as we are validating our data.
03/31 - Transgender Day of Visibility The survey is now available to take online! Help us carve a PATH in trans-health research in Washington and better understand the needs of our local community.

What topics does the interview cover?

🫂 Social Support

How are you supported by your social networks and communities?

❌ Barriers to Care

Are there any political, social, or financial barriers that impact your ability to receive healthcare?

🧠 Mental Health

To better understand your experience with mental health, we will ask questions about diagnoses, symptoms, and accessing mental health services.

🏥 General Health

To get an idea of various aspects of your health, we will ask questions about COVID-19, substance use, primary care, etc.

💞 Sexual Health

Includes topics like reproductive health, STIs, and HIV testing and prevention.

✅ Demographics

We want to get an idea of who you are so we can characterize the trans community in Washington.

⚧ Gender-Affirming Care

We want to know if you have accessed gender-affirming medical care such as hormone therapy, top surgery, facial feminization, and more.

👥 Experiences of Discrimination

We will ask about experiences of discrimination, abuse, and bullying in various settings.

Q: Am I eligible to participate?
A: We are enrolling people who are 18 years or older, transgender and/or nonbinary adults, and currently live in Washington. Healthcare providers of trans adults are also invited to participate.
Q: How will you protect my information?
A: We will not collect identifiable information, aside from an email address. All survey data will be de-identified to maintain confidentiality, and participants will be assigned a record ID (e.g. #1234). Survey and interview data will be stored in a password-protected dropbox folder, and only members of the study team will have access to the password. In publications, your responses will be grouped with other participants.
Q: How will you use my information?
A: Your responses will help inform health services and policy programming specific to trans Washingtonians. Summaries of findings will be included in future dissemination materials.
Q: What kinds of questions are on the survey?
A: We will be asking you questions regarding demographics, sexual health, experiences relating to barriers to health care, gender-affirming care, social support, and general health. Please be aware the survey and interviews will cover potentially sensitive topic material. Take care to take this survey when you have access to a private and safe location.
Q: Why should I participate?
A: Your response will contribute to our knowledge of trans health in Washington state. This survey will be used as a starting point to develop future research and interventions, tailored to the needs of our communities. Participants will be awarded $50 for survey and interview completion, as a token of appreciation.
This is a University of Washington Research Study (IRB# STUDY00015878).
For questions, contact Dr. Arjee Restar at lgbtqhealth-study@uw.edu.